Nexa Mining Method

Recently, the profits of the NEXA algorithm have been relatively high, and NEXA hash power can also be sold on NiceHash, which is convenient. Therefore, let's study the method of mining NEXA.

You can refer to the previous articles to find the profits of various hash powers.

1. Preparation#

Use the lolminer tool, so you need to download the latest software. Directly download version 1.76 for Windows

For other operating systems or updated versions, refer to the release page:

Register a NiceHash account: Click here to register

Refer to basic tutorials such as using a proxy: Simple Mining Tutorial, Utilize Your Graphics Card (Basic Tutorial)

2. Configuration of .bat file#

Unzip the downloaded zip file, then create a new nexa.bat file, or you can directly modify the official "mine_nexa.bat".

lolminer.exe  --socks5 --algo NEXA --pool stratum+tcp:// --user

After "socks5" is the proxy address. If you don't need it, you can omit this option. If you want to fill in the corresponding IP and port number, you can use any software that supports the SOCKS5 protocol, it doesn't have to be netch. "pool" corresponds to NiceHash's official Stratum server, and there are two options.

Username: Your BTC mining address
Password: x

Save the file and double-click the bat file to run it.

3. Currency Exchange#

You can sell it on exchanges like Binance, please refer to the basic articles for specific details.

For exchange registration, you can refer to: Recommended Service

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