Bypass Ximalaya download restrictions by setting cookies.

Bypassing Ximalaya Download Restrictions with Cookies#

1. Downloading Ximalaya Audio on PC#

Use the Tampermonkey script to download Ximalaya audio. After logging in to a VIP account, you can download VIP audio albums.

Ximalaya Album Downloader (

There are limitations when logging in normally, and after downloading 600 audio tracks per day, you will no longer be able to continue playing.

It is recommended to use aria2 for downloading. After opening the aria2 software, click on the export data on the script downloader page of the album to download the selected data in batches, without the need to click on each one individually. For specific methods, please refer to the script introduction.

2. Capturing Cookies with Mobile Devices#

I captured the cookies using Surge on iOS, capturing HTTP packets. In the saved results, look for the results of the domain "" in the request bar.

Find the value of "1&device" in the Cookie. This key value can be used on the PC side to bypass the download restrictions.

3. Importing Key Values#

Importing on the album page has no effect. It needs to be imported on the audio URL decryption page, where it can take effect.

Press F12 on the page, and in the console, use:


Fill in your own captured cookie.

Alternatively, use Cookie-Editer to click "Add" and add the key value "1&_device" corresponding to the captured cookie.

Continue using the download script, and you can download without restrictions.

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