Upgrade Windows LTSC

Upgrade Windows 10 LTSC#


I upgraded from Win10LTSC 2018 to the latest Win10LTSC 2021 because I experienced crashes while playing Hitman 3 after changing my graphics card to 4070. I tried troubleshooting the graphics card driver but had no success. Additionally, my system had some minor issues due to not being updated for a long time. However, I didn't want to reinstall the system, so I chose to upgrade directly.

Specific Plan#

By downloading the genuine Win10 ISO file and extracting it, you can use the included Setup.exe to perform the upgrade. Select the option to keep your documents and applications. In theory, this method supports upgrading any version to the latest Win10LTSC 2021.

Image Download#

The download method is provided by "MSCN 我告诉你" (MSCN I'll tell you).

After the website's redesign, the new images require logging in to obtain the download links. Therefore, I am providing them here. You can also download them from the official website if you have concerns.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 (x64) - DVD (Chinese-Simplified)




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