Bloodstained Platinum Process of the Night Ritual

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Platinum Process#

1. Platinum (Demon Lord) Process#

The walkthrough process starts by using the water ball to clean the blood pool and obtain the Tornado Sword. Then, defeat the Barber and obtain the Vacuum Blade, which can later be upgraded to the True Vacuum Blade. For high-defense enemies, you can use the Moon Cutter. For ranged enemies, you can use the Twin Dragon Tower Guiding Sword or obtain the Thunderclap (recommended, as you will need to defeat elemental enemies to obtain various stones). In the mid-game, you can spend some time obtaining picture frames to summon the Messenger, which deals high damage. In the first playthrough, pay attention to the timing of bd1 and bd2. After completing the game, focus on completing all quests. The wood obtained from exploding picture frames can be sold for a good amount of money. The final step of the commemorative quest, the Ancient Crown, requires gold, which can be obtained by decomposing the Hand Axe dropped by the Water Horse in the underground sewer. After completing all quests, obtain the Solomon's Ring (increases shard drop rate) and collect all shards. Obtain Gebel's Glasses (no MP consumption) and start the money farming journey. Once the Yellow Shard reaches maximum level, it will become a permanent passive ability, and you can carry either that shard or the Double Effect shard. Increase the gold drop rate to 9x9 to unlock the increase in assets. Gold can be obtained by decomposing the Hand Axe or by directly purchasing it from the shop after synthesizing gold. Once the asset level reaches 9, carrying the shard will allow you to farm 500-2000 gold (refer to related tips and money farming videos from experts). Then, complete all item trophies (some translation names may differ from the guide, but as long as the icons are the same, the order is correct). Defeat the Silent Garden Cow and some flying enemies (if Thunderclap doesn't instantly defeat them, you can use the Skull Ring) to obtain 99 Alchemy Shards. When equipped with white shards, there is a chance to produce 5 at the same time. Do not intentionally farm everything, including the Decomposer. Synthesize or slowly farm one or two items that can be bought from the shop. There is no need to rush to the Underground Sewer and hit the lamp post. Check the blue and black parts separately on the full map to find missing locations.

2. Item Collector Achievement#

To obtain the No Damage Boss Medal, special save file name rewards, and equipment for the 8-bit series weapons, there is no need to upgrade them to 16/32-bit versions. However, the bosses in the 8-bit levels, several crowdfunded Easter egg bosses, and Curse Monster No. 44 on the train drop materials. You may need to repeatedly farm them. Purchase the discounted membership card from the merchant as soon as possible in the late game. Gunpowder can be dismantled to obtain a unique material, but its utilization rate is not high. I remember dismantling one and leaving it aside. There are several important materials in synthesis. Gold requires 50 Mercury and 10 Dark Matter. After synthesizing it, go directly to the merchant to buy it in bulk. Dark Matter can be farmed from Dark Element No. 73. There is one near the teleport point in the bottom left corner of the secret laboratory. The drop rate is not high. If you have enough money, you can also cook it and buy it from the merchant. Buy the Invisible Sword (Straight Sword series) to obtain 5 Mercury from each sword. Dismantle 10 swords. For dismantling materials, go to the Desert and farm No. 68. When making weapon compendiums, make good use of this function. Many ultimate weapons require the synthesis of 2-3 previous weapons. There is more than one ultimate weapon in the same category. After making one, dismantle it and make another one. For cooking-related materials, you need to switch to a large scene (understand it as teleporting away and then back) to refresh the blue treasure chests. In the large room to the right of the Eastern Country Laboratory teleport point, there is a blue treasure chest containing soy sauce. In the room to the bottom right of the save point in the underground laboratory (behind the train), there is a blue treasure chest containing black pepper. As the game progresses, the equipment sold by the merchant in your hometown will increase. Although they are all junk, don't miss them. During the exploration phase, if you encounter special chests that you can't obtain (such as green ones), be sure to open the map and mark them for easy retrieval when you have all the skills. Blue chests contain materials, so open them as you wish, especially the waterway and Twin Dragon Tower. The terrain is complex, making it easy to miss things. Personally, during the exploration phase, I repeatedly farmed new enemies until they dropped their souls. This way, my level didn't fall behind, and the difficulty of progressing through the game decreased. After completing the game, complete the drop items for all monsters based on the bestiary. This will make it easier to farm materials during the crafting phase. Please note that if a monster drops a material but you don't pick it up, it will be displayed in the monster bestiary but not in the item compendium. It's quite annoying.

3. Map Expert Achievement#

Refer to the image below:


4. Mastery Achievement#

Master a weapon skill.

Choose the Whip's "Fatal Strike" (236) and successfully execute it during a time stop to obtain the skill.

5. Déjà Vu Achievement#

Go under OD's chair and perform several reverse inputs followed by a down kick.

6. Concert Achievement#

There is a fairy familiar named Carabosse. Equip it and sit in front of the piano. The main character will play the piano, and the fairy will sing. After listening, toast.

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